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Dreamy rooms

Resorts in Maldives have a lot of creative rooms where you will never feel bored at, even if you are in the room the whole day. You can go out to the sea directly from your room, you can see fish from the deck and you can see a scene full of nature such as the sea and gardens. They will introduce you to a room where you can make precious memories which you cannot make in other places.

Retreat your mind and body

Spa’, the word which always comes together with resort. Each resort selects the best technology from all over the world and tries to create facilities and services where guests can relax deeply. You will never forget that precious memory.

Good food, Good cheer, Good times.

Among the relaxing time you spend in Maldives with your important ones, mealtimes will accentuate your day. What food will you be able to eat? What kind of food will you be able to eat at a restaurant? Foods which are beyond your imagination are waiting for you.

Enjoy the nature

Only seeing endlessly extending emerald and turquoise color sea will make you feel relaxed. It will also be good to have a slow life every day, but why don’t you feel Maldives with all of your five senses? Let’s try to feel the magnificent and beautiful nature which you cannot know only by seeing.

Enjoy All Inclusive Plan 

Recently resorts in Maldives have started using an All-Inclusive Plan. As its name says, in this plan, all of the service you get at the hotel during your stay such as drinks or activities are included in the hotel expenses. It is popular since a budget is fixed and people can enjoy as much as they want. Resorts using the plan have rapidly increased in number. Since each resort has different service, please search your favorite plan.

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