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Singapore holidays

Sightseeing, playing, shopping ..
Let’s enjoy wonderful Singapore to our heart’s content!

Speaking of Singapore, don’t you remind Marlion?? In Singapore, there are many sightseeing places where both adults and children can enjoy together, there are many delicious foods which you can be satisfied with, and also there are places where we can feel various local culture, histories and arts. Singapore is indeed a country such as “a precious box”.

There is many amazing highlights in Singapore such as Merlion, Sentosa island, Night Safari and so on. Not only kids but all can enjoy a lot.

Singapore has been developed dramatically, and new fashionable spots are coming up. You can enjoy shopping at those hottest spots in Singapore or also you can enjoy to find many kinds of souvenir at Little India and China Town !
Singapore is a multiethnic country and rich in gourmet. Starting from Chinese food till Malaysian food and Nyonya food until you can’t decide. Especially seafood such as chili crab is famous there.

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