Vivanta Coralreef

The paradise of coral encircled by extreme house reef.

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Enjoy an exquisite balance
between an adventurous feeling and casual feeling.

Among hotels in Maldives owned by Taj Group, Vivanta is proud of their beautiful house reef. After renovations, it is truly a luxurious resort. The resort which is lit up by lightings of haute couture creates an elegant atmosphere, merging into nature in Maldives. 
At the beach, big rays swim elegantly. You can even reach the drop-off by just swimming for a few minutes. This situation will be out of this world for guests who want to enjoy the sea. At the spa that stands quietly, original oils and cosmetics are used. They offer you the real Ayurveda which uses organic raw materials. Since this is an All-Inclusive Plan, you can enjoy this resort in full-course. You have a meal at the main dining, do activities as much as you want and after that, you can go to the spa.

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Enjoy beautiful beach in your private room or beach bungalow

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