About us

Skyhub is your local tour operator with global network all around the world with directly invested offices. The biggest power that Skyhub brings you is; local partners in each destination through a global channel. Currently, Skyhub has 387 inbound offices in 187 cities of 35 countries all around world. Also we keep expanding our network with the target of 1000 offices all around the world to serve you better with a wider coverage area.

Different than other global tour operators, we don’t use partners or franchised offices to provide local service to our valued partners.

You can see our current coverage area below which is just a beginning for us:

Micronesia, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, U.S.A. Canada, Bahamas, Mexico, U.K. Italy, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, France, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Fiji, Egypt.

According to our volume to these countries, we keep opening our offices in different cities in the same country too, like Thailand 7 offices in 5 cities, Malaysia 5 offices in 5 cities, Germany 2 offices in 2 cities, UK 2 offices in 2 cities, Spain 2 offices in 2 cities and so on…